Welcome to Waves Lanzarote, The Art and Soul of Lanzarote.

A fantastic new project created by Robert Braddock, to help show people the best of Lanzarote.

So, let’s start with the Tag line “The Art & Soul of Lanzarote”

As you may or may not know César Manrique was one of the main influences here on the island, Lanzarote was firmly on it’s way to becoming a tourist service economy and Manrique realized that, given the value and beauty of its landscape, it would soon become the island's primary source of wealth. He also knew, however, that considering it’s extreme fragility, misguided action could compromise that resource irreversibly.

In time the love has been slowly lost so Robert Braddock came up with a new fresh way to promote the island in 2022, to find a better solution to help both the island, and the people that reside here and the many people that visit.

He (Robert Braddock) Started a company called Braddock Tec (A small community centre with fantastic help and support in Tias) which is the main hub for all his projects, and with the help of his fantastic team they then went onto making the Lanzarote App, “The island in your pocket” (A simple and easy to use app to promote the island)Then Lanzarote Unite (A project to help find the best of Lanzarote’s talent and so much more, this project is a online tv channel in the making) and now we get to Waves Lanzarote.

So, what is Waves Lanzarote?

It’s new and fresh project, which is still in the making (Started September 2022) Café type bar that displays new local Art by Known and unknown artists, from all over the island. Local wines and cheeses served daily and its just a little different from all the other places in Lanzarote.

It’s a place where you can sit relax overlooking the sea, view the art, buy the art, taste the wine, drink the wine and eat local cheeses, come see for yourself! and that’s just the start, this place also promotes all the other places in Lanzarote so don’t be afraid to ask about anything when you are there.

The Waves team will point you in the right direction, they are there to help anyone that walks in. There are also fun activities to do there like painting, wine testing, cheese tasting, days out, beach exercising, bike riding, surfing and so much more in the making.

This is an ongoing project to make your stay here not just a fun one, but an amazing experience.

It’s a small place, and it will be the only one of its kind in Lanzarote, so pop in sit down relax and set yourself of from there.

Don’t have a good day have a great day.                        

“See you soon”